"Slapjack": a type of pancake fried on a griddle or in a dry pan

"Slapjack": a card game, where you win all the cards by being the first to slap each jack as it is played to the center

"Slapjack": a highly explosive mixture of excellent musicians playing original 50ies rock'n'roll which will make you use a wooden chair if you cannot find a dancing partner

The band was formed in the autumn of 2003 and can already look back on some major successes as it is a blend of four experienced full-blooded musicians. Joint by the love to a unique music that changed the world in its time Slapjack takes the audience on a musical journey into the America of the 50ies. Hot rock'n'roll changes with sentimental ballads and wild rockabilly. The rousing music, the period clothes and the stage performance bring back the flair of the 50ies. The repertory ranges from own rock'n'roll songs and rarities to covers of Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and others.

Finally – here is the recipe for the perfect Slapjack that will make you dance like a spinning top: take Gregory Nohr for lead vocals, rhythm guitar and piano, add some Floor Steinacher on stand-up bass and a bit of Andy Kaufmann on drums and you will get the exciting groove that gives you the wiggle in your knees. Eventually the whole is improved with Wulf Behrend on lead guitar and then you will get a feast for the ears.

Gregory Nohr: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
Wulf Behrend: lead guitar, backing vocals
Floor Steinacher: stand-up bass, backing vocals
Andy Kaufmann: drums


Wulf Behrend
Ziegelbreite 32
85402 Kranzberg

Phone/Fax: 08166/9310